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About Magnet Records


Founded in 1971 by Rupert A Coke and operating from Stoke Newington London, Magnet Records quickly developed a market presence with artists such as the late Gene Rondo, Dennis Brown and the legendary Keith Hudson. Other artists included John Holt, Dennis Alcapone and Derrick Morgan.

The Magnet Records website is re-launching with a selection of MP3 for downloading from this catalogue and all future release’s will be made available in this format.

The site will be updated regularly, so be sure to visit us from time to time to see what’s new.

Magnet Records is fully dedicated to expanding the world of UK Reggae across the internet, aiming to bring a bit of the old and a bit of the new to you, the followers of REGGAE MUSIC.

Our Foundation and Goal

Our History

Magnet Records recognized the difficulties experienced during the previous three decades, with regards to accessibility of good
Original Reggae Music. This was due mainly to the lack of airplay by the major radio stations. However during this period,
Reggae music has still managed to sell itself, due mainly to the few well-established outlets.

With the advent of community radio stations, the amount of airplay dedicated to Reggae Music
both from the UK and Jamaica has risen dramatically. This in turn, has created a new breed of Reggae connoisseur, eager to
delve back in time, trying to find out more about the early origins and culture of Reggae music, desperately seeking that
one “RIDDEM” that only a few can play.


Stoke Newington London

Magnet Records would like to take this opportunity to say “Big Up” and “Nuff Respect” to all
the early UK pioneers such as Trojan Records, Jarma Records, Community radio station’s, DJ’s and Sound Systems.

Much care and effort has been made in the design of the Magnet Records website to ensure ease
of use. All MP3’s on this site are from the official Magnet Records catalogue and it’s affiliated labels: Faith & Trans

NOTE: Some of the MP3’s have been copied from the old original vinyl.